Past Meetings (2012)

26th January: Max Hastings

23rd February: Ken Fortescue "Significant Miles Aircraft"

29th March

26th April: AGM

31st May: 32 Sqn RAF - the Queen's flight and afterwards

28th June: Group return visit to Didcot Railway Centre

26th July: Progress with restoring the Bristol Bolinbroke

Bristol Aero Collection - Bolingbroke 9048 Restoration Project (website)

30th August: Walk around Grove Airfield

Wikipedia - RAF Grove (website)

27th September

25th October: Tom Willoughby "Flying the 747"

The proceeds from this month's raffle were donated to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Lest We Forget

29th November: Stuart Powney "The Catalina"

Plane Sailing Catalina Operations (website)

27th December: No Meeting