Past Meetings (2017)

26th January: Mike Hurst "Saunders of the River"

Goring Gap Local History Society (website)

Transport History Group (website)

23rd February: David Head "The Doolittle Raid"

30th March: Leslie Taylor "Newbury At War" Film

27th April: AGM. Speaker: Lesley Taylor "World War One Family History"

Websites for Genealogy

25th May: Jonathan Sayers "RAF Greenham Common 1941–1992"

RAF Greenham Common (website)

In Defense of Freedom; a History of RAF Greenham Common (book)

29th June: Peter Donovan "An Aviation Miscellany"

27th July: Mike Hurst "Tracks to the Trenches: British Railwaymen in France and at Home 1914–1918"

31st August: Tony Hadland "The Aeronautical Career of Herbert Jeffree: From Biplanes to BAC via the Bouncing Bomb"

HADLAND'S BLOG (website)

28th September: P Trout

26th October: Steven Barker "The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry on the Somme 1916"

30th November: Kenneth Ballantyne "The Royal Flying Corps"

28th December: No Meeting

Other Events (2017)

Saturday 12th August: Trip to RAF Halton

Including: The Trenchard Museum, St George's Church and Restored WW1 Trenches

Photographs from the trip can be viewed here