Past Meetings (2018)

25th January: Glenn Stanley "Tales from above the 38th Parallel, DPRK"

22nd February: Peter Donovan "Aircraft of the 50's & 60's"

29th March: Geoff Brindle "Training and Flying Fast Jets"

26th April: AGM

31st May: Francis Hanford "The Early Days of Halton RAF Apprentice Establishment"

"First Landing: Halton's first encounter with the aeroplane"

28th June: Neil Jones "Horsa Glider"

26th July: Don Summers "Grove Airfield During WW2"

The group has published an account of the activities at Grove airfield. See here for details.

30th August: David Head " 'V' Force & the Cold War "

27th September: BBQ (for members only) starting at 6.30pm

25th October: Alan Bovingdon-Cox "Pearl Harbor"

U.S. National Park Service: World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument (website)

U.S. National Park Service: Pearl Harbor Historic Sites (website)

The proceeds from this month's raffle were donated to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Lest We Forget

29th November: Dan Allen "HMS Shah & The Victorian Navy"

The Victorian Military Society (website)

27th December: No Meeting

Other Events (2018)

Saturday 12th May: Trip to Winchester's Military Museums

Friday 9th November: Remembrance Parade at RAF Welford