Past Meetings (2019)

31st January: Cancelled due to adverse weather conditions

28th February: David Head "Russian Arctic Convoys of WWII"

28th March: Tony Handley "William Gill: Explorer and Spy"

25th April: AGM

30th May: Paul Barnett "Darkest Hour: The story of Dunkirk's Little ships (27th May to 4th June 1940)"

Friends of Purton (Largest ships' graveyard in maritime Britain) (website)

27th June: Colonel John Bridgeman CBE "600 Years of Oxfordshire Yeomanry"

Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (website)

25th July: B.B.Q.

29th August: Extraordinary General Meeting

Also speaker: Alan Bovingdon-Cox "Pacific Aviation Museum"

Wikipedia: Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (website)

26th September: Chris Bigg "Airbus: A European Triumph"

31st October: Alan Bovingdon-Cox "RAF Greenham Common: Strategic Air Command 7th Air Division"

The proceeds from this month's raffle were donated to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Lest We Forget

28th November

26th December: No Meeting