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The group has published an account of the activities at the little-known war-time airfield at Grove, which played a vital supporting role in the run-up to D-Day and thereafter.

A PDF of the original version of the book (April 1997) can be downloaded for free here.

The first part of an updated version (November 2018) can be downloaded here.

A new edition of the group magazine RMARGazine is now available (Number 53 — Spring 2019).

Articles in this edition:

  • A Vital Advantage
  • Artillery Spotting in Normandy
  • Using Every Available Resource
  • War on a Group of Small Islands
  • The Long Journey Home
  • Freighter as Freight
  • Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing
  • Mother of Invention: Paper Drop Tanks
  • Newbury's Own Spitfires
  • A Heavenly Picture
  • A Unique Sinking
  • Rare Beasts of Romney Marsh

The current edition of the magazine is available free to members.

Previous editions